Bank Account Opening Services

An offshore bank account is an account that is opened in a jurisdiction outside of the country of residence of the account holder. These accounts are opened for financial and legal reasons, where the benefits of opening offshore accounts are appealing to consumers and companies worldwide. The main reasons for opening are as follows: greater privacy, low or zero taxation, and protection against local political and financial instability than that of your country of domicile. With the introduction of internet banking and internationally accepted debit cards and credit cards, banking overseas is far easier than ever.

We offer dedicated assistance with the opening of a wide selection of overseas bank accounts, providing individuals, investors and companies the ease and ability to open an offshore account in popular worldwide financial centres.

The main services we offer for account opening include:

  • Personal Bank Accounts

Get yourself a bank account that is customized and created for individuals who are looking to deposit their wealth in reliable banks and financial institutions.

  • Corporate Bank Accounts

Open a specialized bank account for your company or business that is optimized and is designed for international business purposes.

  • Investment Bank Accounts

Offered by banks with the primary purpose being the accruement of interest. We only select the top investment institutions for investment accounts.

  •  Bank Signatory services:

Put simply, account signatory services refer to the nomination a third-party professional who is vested with the authority to act as signatory on a bank or brokerage account and who is independent from both the company owner(s) as well as the manager(s) and those hired to operate the business.

The bank signatory service is often more useful these days to a foreign investor who wants to invest in a new business in another country, but does not want to deal with the day-to-day running of the company and its accounts. Or perhaps the business owner is running for or holding some public office where there is desire to avoid any appearance of a “conflict of interest” or other complications of being considered a “politically exposed person”.

This option can provide the investor with maximum asset protection on all fronts as well as tax efficiency, depending on the investor’s jurisdiction of residence and whether foreign business income is reportable in the investor’s home jurisdiction if it has not been repatriated to there.

In addition to the benefits offered by the appointment of nominee directors to the Company Board, the investor gets true arm’s length management of your structures, including any bank or brokerage accounts. Another option is appointing your own directors, that do not wish to operate and manage the company’s business on a day-to-day basis but wish to retain some control as the ultimate beneficial owner, so that those that are running your business have to submit their payment requests and reference details concerning the payment (i.e. invoice number, reason for payment etc.) to our professional signatory manager.